To treat each patient with dignity, respect, kindness and understanding.

I have worked in many corporate run dental offices as an Associate Dentist, with that collective experience I decided when I have my own practice it will be completely different. Not sales or production report driven. Instead I strive to be that small town dental office in a big city. To know each patient personally, their motivations for treatment and their goals, and to exceed expectations on all accounts.

To demonstrate that the patient is valued in my practice is vital. To always be kind, caring and compassionate. I never want to be thought of as the dentist that adults remember as the person who caused their childhood traumatic dental experiences. How many times have I heard “I love you, but dislike dentists, let me tell you what happened to me in the past”. Instead I want to be the exact opposite. The dentist that perhaps inspires the younger generation to pursue a dental education and career.