Intraoral Camera


The intraoral camera is a useful and informative diagnostic tool.  Patients are often appreciative of seeing what is going on in their own mouths.  This camera shows you what we see,  up close and enlarged on a flatscreen large t.v. during an exam and even during a procedure. This will help us guide you through your diagnosis and treatment  options. If you want testemonials, well I have to ask some… more »

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is offered in our office as a way to help you relax.  It is a sweet smelling, colourless blend of gases that creates a feeling of well being and tranquility when inhaled.  It is especially helpful to use for young children and patients  who are very anxious about having dental work done.  Do not hesitate to ask, should you feel that it can help make your experience with… more »

Crowns and Bridges


Crowns and Bridges are the most esthetic way to restore damaged or missing teeth.  They can be made with porcelain fused to cast metal or full porcelain/ceramic.  We utilize the services of an exceptional lab for the best cosmetic results.

Dental Hygiene


The prevalence of periodontal disease (gum disease ) increases with age as our teeth wear down and our gums recede. Our fantastic hygiene team is enthusiastic in working with you to manage any periodontal condition and to educate you on it’s prevention and to maintain your mouth oral health.  The links to periodontal disease and heart disease and stroke are well documented.  For these reasons a health mouth is the… more »

Dental Xrays


Digital xrays are a fast and comfortable way to assess your teeth and surrounding structures. Dr. Kassabian invested in them immediately in buying this practice because of their accuracy, the fact that they expose patients to 80 – 90  % less radiation than conventional xrays, and  with no chemical processing needed digital xrays are a good choice for you and the environment.  Many problems with teeth cannot be seen with the naked… more »

Cosmetic Dentistry


Make the best first impression on others and improve your personal and professional life.  A beautiful smile is the first thing most people look at, let it be the portal to many positive experiences.  We can enhance your smile easily with Professional Teeth Whitening, (in office Sapphire Whitening system and take home whitening both available) as well as Composite and Porcelain Veneers, Tooth Coloured Dental Fillings and Crown and Bridge… more »

Restorative Dentistry


Restorative treatments such as composite (tooth coloured fillings) and Crown and Bridge are routinely done in our office to restore the function of your teeth.  Missing, cracked and decayed teeth can take the pleasure out of everyday things we love to do.  Smiling, talking with confidence and eating well are all dependant on teeth that are in good condition.  Do not let the condition of your mouth dictate how you… more »