Dr. Sarkissian

Up until a year ago, I found the prospect of visiting a dentist nothing more than a necessary evil. Till then my entire attitude towards the exercise was to get in, have the cleaning and checkup completed as fast as possible, and then to stay as far away as possible until the pesky six month remind would forced me to find my way in for a repeat session. Amazingly, my entire attitude towards the experience changed when I moved to Toronto and found myself in Dr. Kassabian’s chair.

Dr. Kassabian is the kind of dentist that the ODA can be very proud of. She is highly skilled, able to communicate issues clearly, and really takes the time to make sure you are comfortable with and also fully understand the necessary steps required for your excellent oral health. She has also surrounded herself with staff that bring the same level of professionalism to her practice, making the time in her office enjoyable.

I cannot say that I will ever look forward to going to the dentist, but I do enjoy coming into the warm and cheerful atmosphere of Dr. Kassabian’s practice. I am always delighted with the reception I receive upon my return, and have come to expect a superior quality of care from her the hygienist and guaranteed excellent service every time my teeth require added attention.